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"It is really a brilliant experience for learning  many things. I have discovered what should be added to the techniques behind the camera lens to produce not more than a just an image, but drawing a  picture inspired by our feelings.  I have experienced the spirit of a team work and felt the beauty of sharing ideas and thoughts with others. Though we share one objective, we commonly believe in different paths for achievement"

Sujoud Al Abed



"I felt impressed because it was a great experience for me. Acquainted with new trainers and friends, I have benefited from good training courses, especially in the use of tools such as Photoshop to edit  images, and some advanced skills in photography. Our media  products are appropriate to develop campaigns and media advocacy. The camp included debates which enriched  our  cultural and  national awareness towards  new approaches  in representing our social and political issues.
We developed  new effective tools in social networking and the expansion of the network to communicate and connect with others. I feel gratitude and pride of the role of the Youth Media  Forum in organizing such of summer camps due to its valuable benefits.


Raghda Fanoun


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"The beauty of the summer camp lies in its  capacity to embrace all the Youth of different religions without discrimination, and to grow up  with a high  spirit of fraternity. Though time was limited,  I captured so valuable  moments  with many  of our accomplishments and creative initiatives. I  am very  impressed by our open talks  and free thoughts. The criticism was constructive and objective, and ideas were  rich and accurate"

Qusai Jawabreh


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"The Youth Media Forum has given me the opportunity to  express my opinions freely  and put forward the discussions that I want to share with others.  I felt so comfortable  to deal with a sort of respected attitude,  mutually shared with others. The Forum is an effective site to share our views and connect with others through  continuous and dynamic  human exchange."

Wisam Alshareef


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"The Youth Media Forum paves an ideal and secured path  for me to publish my creative writings and attains a respected recognition by the youth. The feedback from the youth about my published thoughts and short stories help me to refine my talents. What is mostly interesting  is the type of dialogue and the contents raised by the youth discussions in the platforms of the Youth Media Forum. . This helps me to adopt new styles of dialogue based on multi -lateral exchanges of thoughts and high  mutual respect to others in expressing their free speeches and thoughts"

Ibrahem Dawadeh


"The Youth Media Forum provided me an ideal stride to bring my voice out to the world to represent the sufferings of the Palestinian people and its strive for freedom. I believe that the forum is the ideal platform to share ideas and  discuss common thoughts in different ways of its kind."


Majd Fanoun



"The summer camp has featured many examples of unique  interactions and cooperation among all  the participants and being very communicative with others. It has a unique methodology in integrating  education with entertainment. We learned new skills in photography and editing of  images.  Consequently, we have now effective tools to develop new powerful  media contents, which we hope to influence the desired changes and let our voice heard"


Husam Ghayada